1000 are the photographic services on 1000 various automobiles every year. More complete photographic archives of automobiles in Italy are to your disposition. For any use: editorial,advertising or publishing. You do not have to worry about expensive location, or the organization of the set. Everything is ready, just a phone call or your visit to our store. If you need a special service on the Ferrari of 1948 or 1961, we have prepared for you. You need a digital image of  high resolution of 1964 American car, we have.

But we have not only special vintage car, but a complete collection of images of current, historical and sports car, with legend and history of the car. We are collecting pictures passionate photographers and we have made a profession.


Maggi & Maggi after years of activity has been a remarkable collection of vintage and modern cameras.


Through collected pieces, the history of the photography is travelled over again, an art passed in the short turn of a century, from a difficult experimental and sophisticated expression of our world ultra-technical.

Then you take the steps that led the way of photography from its inventors (Niepce, Daguerre, Talbot, the last one introduced the use of negative) to the current prosecutor.

After a short history of the photography, it is passed to the vision of the real objects.
And here it blots some photographic of several size and dimensions; there are valuable, large pieces how much a box it, simplest in the aesthetic, essential in the sagacities, than they even needed than the longest exposures before being able to capture the image.
Then the pictures were all that were strictly black and white, some of them were colored by hand, however, if the artist joined the running abili

Examples of Our Work